Shipping Policy

Est. Delivery
< USD 100
$300+ USD
Standard Shipping20-25 Days
business days
USPS First-Class Package International14 – 18
business days
USPS Priority Mail Express International10-12
business days
DHL Shipping7-10 business days$100FREEFREE

Note: All shipping times and costs are outlined above. However, free shipping is subject to the following requirements.

Orders will likely be delayed an extra 2–3 weeks due to the present COVID-19 issue. All orders, however, will be fulfilled and delivered on time. We are processing and shipping orders nonstop. Please understand that this hold up is due to factors beyond our control. We’re being honest because we care about maintaining a positive relationship with you and because you deserve the finest service possible. Buying anything is not as crucial as your safety. Stay careful and return to our site for updates.
Stocked items are typically sent within two to four business days. There is no minimum or maximum order size.

We ask that you give us at least two to four business days to complete your purchase.

Delivery to most countries takes one to four weeks (not including processing time). Within 2–3 business days of placing an order, you will get a shipment confirmation and tracking email with a unique tracking number. We provide doorstep delivery of all orders. If the status of your order’s tracking number is “delivered,” but you still haven’t received it, go to the post office in your area.

Please contact: us through our customer service email if you received the incorrect size. Send us three photos documenting the sizes (i.e., chest, length, and sleeve), and we’ll replace the item at no cost.

Please Note: that all international shipments are sent from the United States, the United Kingdom, and a select number of other warehouses located throughout the globe.

The aforementioned hours are approximate and are subject to change over the holiday season.